About Us

This is your comprehensive guide to what planned gifts can do for your donors and for your organization. It is based on our popular hard copy of The Planned Giving Bible.

This website is not designed to be a legal guide, but it is comprehensive enough for a gift-planning officer, attorney or an advisor to bring the discussion to the table.

Keep it open the next time you phone a potential donor who has requested gift information. Carry it on your iPad on your next road trip. It will keep you up to speed on which gift plans work for which prospects, so you’ll be ready to move on to Plan B if your first recommendation doesn’t fly.

Do not forget that this is written to educate professionals on planned giving and to serve as a resource (see how it’s organized). When it comes to your donors and prospects, simple is best:

  • What good will their gift accomplish?
  • How does that fit into their philanthropic goals and passions?
  • How might the gift plan serve them and their loved ones?

The elevator pitches use donor-centric language to introduce each gift.

Finally, remember that planned giving is a people business, not a legal business. This resource should be by no means your only guide. Make sure to focus on your personal development as well.